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Where community becomes family.

Welcome to the Clubhouse!

Our Culture is...
A Day at the Clubhouse...

A combination of good ole' Southern Lake-living and home away from home.

The joy of beng part vacation home is how festive we are. From Karaoke Parties and Bingo Nights, to festivals and more. We certainly know how to let our hair down! Got a suggestion? Click Here to Contact us!

Holiday Village has many things to offer to those that want to take advantage of the many past times that are available.

Here are just a few of our perks and amenities:

1. Fishing

2. Host events, meetings, etc. at  the Clubhouse (check with Sharon or Brenda)

3. Exercise equipment in the Club House

5. Swimming Pool during the summer


6. Miniature Golf


7&8. Potluck followed by Bingo on the 3rd Saturday each month

9. Property Owners Association (POA), if you own a lot

10. Association Maintenance Assessment (AMA), this amount that is paid to the association supports  maintenance and other requirements. 

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

1. The Ladies Bible Study Group meets every Wednesday (discontinued for summer months)

2. The Mens Bible Study Group meets every Tuesday


3. The Veterans of Holiday Village have dedicated themselves to fostering goodwill, cultivating a sense of brotherhood between neighbors, and enriching our community.

Perks & Amenities
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